Established in 2003 to support the needs of camp alumni programs

A Step by Step Approach to Developing
and Maintaining an Alumni Program


STEP SIX <==     STEP SEVEN - Adding Current Camp Associates to List     ==> STEP EIGHT

REVIEW Your Definition of Alumni and Alumni Program Goals
  • are you adding the right people? too many? too few?
  • can you still accomplish your goals with the numbers you're adding?
Develop a Procedure to Routinely Add those Camp Associates
  • give information on the goals of the Alumni Program; perhaps by using the Alumni Packets
  • fill out a 'temporary' Alumni card/profile to keep in files; can use information from personel files for staff?
  • consider a schedule of routinely adding information to Alumni Program; for instance, at then end of seasons for seasonal staff (end of Summer Camp, end of Outdoor Education), at the end of the year (for Board Members and year-round staff), etc.