of The Dayton Foundation


September 10, 1998 - 5:30 pm



1. Bob Barr opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Dave Steele provided the invocation.

3. Bob asked Dave to provide an update of Camp Kern. He reported about the summer of '98. There were record number of children served and Dave reported about plans for '99. He also updated on World Camp and thanked the Kern fund for their help and support of this effort. He also updated the group on capital projects including the renovation of the dining hall.

4. Jeff Siebenthaler's term is up and was nominated for a second 3-year term. Motion made by Tom and seconded by Frank. Passed unanimously.

5. Bob requested names and asked everyone to consider names for an opening on the board.

6. June Financial report of the fund was reviewed by the committee. It was mentioned that we need to focus on a November mailing. YMCA will support the fund efforts. It was decided to mail by mid-November and include history booklet on C.B. Kern. Jeff mentioned that long-term growth potential in endowment. Jeff suggested we include a note in fall mailing on endowment. Bob mentioned we would send a copy to each board member.

7. Bob discussed a 1999 anticipated disbursement of approximately $5,500. It was discussed and decided to stay at a 6.5% disbursement. Motion made by Frank and seconded by Tom. Passed unanimously.

8. Discussion followed on a pledge from the fund to the lodge renovation project. It was suggested that a 3-year pledge be made with the understanding that the 'Y' staff has the flexibility to use as they best see fit. Bob suggested $5,000 yr. for 3 years. Committee concurred. Dave and Mike recommended that the highest need at this time is the dining hall. The Board made it clear that this is a non-directed and unrestricted for staff to use as they best see fit. Direction of these dollars should come from staff and not from the board. Everyone was fine with the staff decision to use on the dining hall renovation. Motion made for a 3-yr. pledge of $5,000/yr. by Jeff and seconded by Tom. Passed unanimously.

9. Bob mentioned the Dayton Foundation year-end report. Sample was shared, OK'ed and will be sent in on 9/11/98.

Mike and Dave expressed their deep appreciation to the fund for their help and support.

Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

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