Established in 2003 to support the needs of camp alumni programs

A Step by Step Approach to Developing
and Maintaining an Alumni Program


STEP THREE <==     STEP FOUR - Collect Info on Potential Alumni Contacts     ==> STEP FIVE

Possible Sources of Information to Begin Alumni Search
  • camper, staff, board rosters
  • payroll information
  • fund-raising information
  • camp and/or organizational reports
  • camp and/or organizational newsletters
  • pictures with names and dates
Pieces of Information to Help Complete the Puzzle
  • name
  • association with camp - year(s) and description(s)
  • date of contact
  • e-mail address, if any
  • source where this information came from (i.e. roster, phone call, newpaper clipping, personal visit, web site form)
  • school information, if available
  • most recent address and phone number, if available
Recording and Organizing the Information
  • Manually.... (still need to handle letters, pictures, etc.)
  • set up A-Z file cabinet - or drawers for cards.
  • fill out 'temporary' Alumni cards or profiles to have in files until an actual card or profile is returned (fun to have signatures)
  • info can then be pulled for phone calls or letter writing
  • Computer Databases....
  • similarities to camper databases; i.e. a camper with his/her demographics and one or more sessions attended == an alum with his/her demographics and one or more camp associations
  • consider web-based
  • desirable to select and display alums from various years, various schools, etc.